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3 Best 140mm Case Fans for Your Pc (2022)

If you wish to use your system optimally, make sure to keep it cool. Installing a case fan in your system can help you keep all the components of your system cool while you are using it and ensure that the performance of the system does not get affected. What a case fan does is that it pushes hit air out of your system and pushes cool air inside very silently. 

Gamers or coders who spend most of their time on the system must invest in a case fan. But not all fans are the best ones and you need to properly look for all the features that a product has to offer before investing in it. Therefore, we have come up with our top picks for the best 140mm case fans. Our team has tried and tested a lot of products and these three fans have surpassed our expectations and performed well in the tests. Let’s check out the review of our topics below. 

Best 140mm Case Fans: Expert’s Pick

While buying a fan for the system, it is mandatory to keep your needs in your mind. You need to check the airspeed, fan speed and other things in mind and then only choose the one for you. Here, we have listed our top picks for the best 140mm case fans which we think will be suitable for you. Check out their reviews below. 

1. Arctic P14 PWM 

Arctic P14 PWM

Well, the name of the brand of the product says it all. This is a brand known for making computer peripherals like cooling fans which helps in increasing the efficiency of your system. We have kept this fan on this list because of the features and performance it offers at an affordable price. 

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Besides being one of the affordable options on our list, it still offers a great cooling effect and a silent motor. Moreover, it can give you a speed of 200 to 1700 RPM which is great. Being a budgeted fan, you are going to get only 1 fan in the box. Other than that, it also has a 1-year warranty. 


  • Great performance
  • Does not make much noise


  • It is not an airflow one
  • Only one fan is provided

2. Corsair AF140 LED Fan

 Corsair AF140 LED Fan

Corsair is not a new brand and we all may have something from Corsair on our systems. This brand offers one of the best computer components and now offers 140mm cooling fans as well. So, if you want to get a pack of fans, this Corsair AF140 LED fan can be your choice. 

You will get two fans in the box and both of them offer blue lighting for aesthetics. Moreover, when it comes to speed, it gives you 1400RPM speed. What some users have complained about is that it makes a lot more noise. Other than that, it also comes up with a 2-year warranty. 


  • 2 fans included in the box
  • Lighting provided for aesthetics


  • Not an affordable option
  • Noisy
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3. Cooler Master SickleFlow

Cooler Master SickleFlow

So, the last one on this list is from Cooler Master. The brand is known to provide different feature-rich and premium products which ultimately increase the performance of the system. 

If you are into too much aesthetics of your system, this can be the best 140mm case fan for you. It offers you to customize the ARGB lighting and you can set any colour that you want. Moreover, the fan is quite easier to set using the PWM controller. You can set the speed between 650 to 1400 RPM speed according to your requirements. Though it is only an airflow fan the balanced air design makes it an overall one. It also comes up with a 2-year warranty. 


  • Customize ARGB lighting
  • Becomes easier to control using a PWM connector


  • Expensive one
  • Only an airflow fan


Deciding which fan is suitable for your system can be a bit difficult and need a lot of effort. It is important to research properly and then only choose the best 140mm case fans for your PC. These were the 3 picks that we think are worth investing in. Hopefully, the article has helped you. 

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