Real Debrid on Firestick

Set & Stream Using Real Debrid on Firestick

Real Debrid is a downloader using which you can download your content without interruption. It can be useful only when used with third-party add-ons apps like Cinema HD. But considering the same, we must remember that it lowers the quality of content you watch. This article will guide you through how you can use real Debrid cinema HD and improve your watching experience.

Now we will move on to the article and learn all about how to set up and use Real Debrid.

What is Real Debrid? 

Real Debrid is an unrestricted downloader using which you can download premium and your hands-on premium streaming sources. It is a multi-hosting app that will serve you with many other premium streaming servers on your list. 

The users need to pay a small amount per month for accessing the app. Moreover, 4k & HD quality content can be seen without buffering issues.

Features of Real Debrid

  • The premium plans offered in real Debrid are ad-free. 
  • It supports a lot of third-party devices in the firestick app.
  • 4k video resolution is supported by a real Debrid.
  • Although it is a paid service free membership is also available. The cheapest plan is as little as $20. 
  • HD and SD streaming is possible too. 

Create your Real Debrid Account

set yor account in real debrid

These steps will help you create a Real Debrid firestick account. You primarily need to download the Cinema HD app for real debrid cinema HD.

  1. Visit the Real Debrid website and click on the Signup option.
  2. Then you need to enter your personal info. and click on Signup once again.
  3. Now you are registered and the confirmation comes with a popup message that your registration is successful.
  4. You then need to log in to Cinema HD real debrid with your credentials.
  5. Choose your preferred plan by visiting the pricing section. 
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Price of Using Real Debrid Firestick

Real Debrid can be used for free but buying memberships will provide you the accessibility to many features. It costs less than $5 per month, they offer 4 other plans they are as follows. 

price of real debrid cinema hd
  1. $3.56/ 3 Euros: 150 Fidelity points, 15 Day Subscriptions.
  2. $4.74/ 4 Euros: 200 Fidelity points, 30 Days Subscriptions.
  3. $10.67/ 9 Euros: 450 Fidelity points, 90 Day Subscriptions.
  4. $18.96/ 16 Euros: 800 Fidelity points, 180 Days Subscriptions.

The most popular and most bought Real Debrid app is the 90 days subscription.

How to Install Real Debrid on Firestick ?

setup eal debrid cinema hd

Setting up Real Debrid cinema HD for firestick is very easy. As we already know that it supports many third-party apps in Firestick, we will go through the process of setting up Real Debrid Firestick.

  1. On the firestick home screen> go to Settings.
  2. Tap on the ‘Systems’ option.
  3. On the bottom left corner, there is an option to change the settings to advanced and expert. Then you need to click on your preferred option.
  4. Now in the Add-ons options, Tap App Dependencies 
  5. Press ‘URLResolver’> configure & from the left-hand side go for the option ‘Universal Resolvers’.
  6. Now go to the Real Debrid option and enable the option.
  7. Then you follow this very important step which is changing the value from 100 to 90 under the ‘Priority’ section.
  8. Click on Ok & tap on Reauthorize My Account.
  9. A code will appear, copy that code and put that code in the Real Debrid device link.
  10. Now, click to continue. You will get a message saying the application is allowed.
  11. Resolver authorized messages will ensure successful authorization.
  12. Return to Real Debrid cinema HD home and search for your favorite content.

How to use the Real Debrid App?

use real debird cinema hd

Follow the steps below to use the Real Debrid Firestick.

  • Firstly, you need to open the app you want to use with Real Debrid.
  • In the main menu, you can go to Settings.
  • Now, scroll to go to the Real Debrid option.
  • A window with code will appear.
  • Open the Real Debrid device link on any device.
  • Enter the code and continue streaming. 


In this article, we got to know about using and setting cinema hd real debrid. Although it was mentioned in the article that it is not cost-free. Users are supposed to pay for the services that they receive with real debrid-firestick. Furthermore, there are many apps that provide cost-free high-quality streaming services with third-party apps. Moreover, we hope that this writeup was clear and easy to understand for any further queries you can contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is it worth paying for Real-Debrid Firestick?

A. Yes, it is worth paying to buy a subscription for Real Debrid as it provides a lot of premium facilities and unrestricted downloading. The users can enjoy high-quality video resolutions up to 4k. 

Q. What are the other alternatives for Real Debrid?

A. Other alternatives for Real Debrid include All Debrid, Link Snappy, Premiumize, etc. These can be considered by those who do not want to use Real Debrid.

Q. Is it important to use VPN while using real debrid cinema hd ?

A. Yes, it is important and recommended to use a VPN with cinema hd real debrid because it can be harmful. On the contrary real debrid has its own safety measures.

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