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Get All Your Answers To “Should I Use Kodi” | Simple Tips

For all the people who like to watch movies and shows, listen to music, and do all this entertainment stuff to have fun in their free time, in this case, Kodi can be of use. Kodi has gained immense popularity in very little time. People tend to use this software on all of their devices to get entertainment, neglecting the drawbacks of this app. The question that will come to your mind is should I use Kodi? 

Here in this article, we will learn more about Kodi and know all about its drawbacks that all users should know about. Let us get straight to the article without sparing a single minute.

What is Kodi?

what is kodi

We already know that Kodi is software designed for entertainment purposes along with Real debrid on firestick and Megabox HD. For all those people who enjoy entertainment in the form of movies, shows, live television channels, or listening to music. The software is absolutely free of cost and offers all the great qualities that any streaming app would offer. 

If we try to understand this software in another way then we can understand that Microsoft was the one who developed this software and named it Xbox Media Center and later abandoned it. It is managed by XBMC Foundation which is a non-profitable foundation. 

What are the Functions of Kodi?


Before we talk about what Kodi can do let us first know that it does not have its own channels. No channels mean no content so for that, you need to still buy subscriptions to avail your favorite content. Despite these things the below-given pointers are some features that Kodi has to offer, they are as follows:

  • Create your Playlist

Viewers can bookmark their favorite content and create their own little playlist within the app and can get to that playlist whenever they want. This feature enables you to get access to your likable content every time.

  • Decide the Speed of Subtitles

The viewers can choose the pace of their subtitles. This means that sometimes it happens that long subtitles provided to us are present for a very short period of time which makes it difficult for the viewers. Now you can sort out this problem & even adjust the pace of the subtitle flow accordingly. 

  • Record Live TV & Shows

This feature where the users can record live TV programs or shows and watch them later when they want. The feature ensures that you are not bound because of the time to have fun.

  • Use Your Phone As a Remote 

You can connect your smartphone with Kodi and use it as a remote control. This is definitely not a new feature but its accessibility is still uncommon. 

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Devices that You can Use on Kodi

Device Compatibility

There are many devices in the market that support Kodi software. There is a possibility that you use one of these devices, this shows the diverse availability of support for devices. The devices are as follows:

  • iOS
  • Amazon FireStick
  • macOS
  • Android 
  • Windows, etc. 

Why Use a VPN with Kodi?

vpn should be used for kodi

It is strongly and highly recommended to use a VPN with Kodi, the reason behind this is that Kodi provides you a wide variety of media to choose from being it youtube, Netflix, Hulu, etc., but not all the sources are safe and legal to use some of them are dangerous for the site. This clarifies the reason why we should make use of a VPN and that to a good VPN with Kodi. A good recommendation for VPN is IPVanish.

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How To Use VPN in Kodi?

If by any means you use a device that does not support VPN your option left is that you have to use VPN in your WiFi router. The steps to use VPN with Kodi are as follows:

  • First, choose a VPN that works for you, you can also go for the recommended one given above. 
  • Now you need to load the preferred VPN app and choose the version according to your device. 
  • Then connect the VPN to the server that is available near you. This will boost the speed.
  • Go to Kodi and check if the VPN is working thoroughly with your device.


This write-up is put together after in-depth research on Kodi, the entire article is curated to help all our readers out there. Hopefully, we are able to enlighten you about everything you need to know about Kodi before using it. It certainly is great software but has its own issues. Moreover, if you face any sort of queries regarding the topic feel free to contact us to resolve your problems. 

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