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Best White Motherboards to Buy in 2022

Finding the best white motherboard for your PC according to the features that you need and the budget that you have seems impossible to a lot of people. The probability of getting your hands on the right motherboard from all the options available in the market is quite low. But do not worry, we have come up with a list of the best white motherboards that one can use for their PC in 2022. Check out the specifications, pros and cons of these models for your reference. 

Best White Motherboards for Gaming

Well, when choosing a perfect motherboard for your PC, you need to consider what chipset it features, the type of socket, its compatibility with the processors and whatnot. Keeping all these things in mind, we have come up with some best white motherboards worth the money and use. Check out the list of our best white motherboards for 2022.



Like most motherboards, this motherboard also features a fiber glass base which offers it enough durability. Therefore, it may seem it is not completely white. You will find the interior with silver and white accents and the exterior with silver. Moreover, it uses a heatsink to offer better cooling providing more airflow in case you have chosen a fan. 

ASUS builds motherboards especially for AMD and this motherboard is also compatible with generation 3rd generation CPUs. It also offers you M.2 ports which are better when compared to the traditional ports. This makes the transfer process easier and can be connected to multiple devices. 

Moreover, it offers you only one port for display and HDMI which makes it difficult to perform a Multi-screen setup. But this is not a big issue as it can be resolved by using your video card to connect different models. 


  • Clean design
  • Durable and reliable PCB


  • Wifi compatibility is not offered
  • Only one Display connection 

2. Gigabyte Z590 Vision G


If looks matters to you, this motherboard is a good option for you. This motherboard will perform great when it comes to gaming but we can not say that it is specifically designed for them. Moreover, the motherboard seems to have a black baseboard but the heatsink or the trim colouring makes it look whiter. 

Surely, you will not have to compromise when it comes to aesthetics but you may somewhere has to compromise with the cooling capabilities. It will require more power for cooling. When it comes to Compatibility, it is compatible with the 11th generation processors which is one of the highest generations available in the market. 


  • Premium and good looking motherboard
  • Enough USB ports available


  • Wifi compatibility is not available
  • Higher cost

3. ASUS Prime X570- Pro


So, the next best white motherboard is from ASUS only. This is one of the powerful motherboards available in the market. The silver patches and white rim gives it a premium look and makes it look as good as it is powerful. Moreover, it offers a great heatsink cooling system which is not only the best for CPU but makes it look more powerful. This motherboard is also compatible with 3rd generation AMD processors and offers better power options.

Also, it offers 2 M.2 slots which makes the whole data transfer process faster and easier. It also increases the redundancy and size of the storage to fit your needs


  • Durable build
  • Various connection options are available


  • Price is high
  • Some users have reported issues with DIMM and USB ports

4. Asrock B365 Pro4

Asrock B365 Pro4

Out of all the options mentioned on this list, this is the most affordable option. But affordability does not mean any compromise with the build, performance and durability of the product. The product offers you almost all the same features that you have seen in the ASUS products. 

One thing that we do feel is off about this product is its compatibility with CPUs. But with the budget motherboards, you have to compromise somewhere. Otherwise, it offers all the features like SATA ports, internet compatibility, M.2 ports and more. 


  • An affordable option
  • Commendable performance according to the price


  • Compatibility is limited
  • Wifi connectivity is not present
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Winding Up

White motherboards have gained popularity since different gamers and streamers have started paying attention to the overall look and aesthetics of their gaming setup. These were our 4 best white motherboards that we recommend you use. Hope we have helped you.

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