ImperialHal Settings, Apex Settings, and Setup

ImperialHal is one of the professional esports players. Popular for his performance in apex legend online gaming, this player has a huge following. Along with Apex, this gamer has performed well in many other games such as Fortnite: Battle Royale, warzone, etc. This has proved a very huge reason why this gamer pursued online gaming as a full-time profession. 

Currently playing as a part of an American team named the team solomid, the imperialHal have gathered a huge amount of fans for his gaming techniques. Recently, imperialHal uses only his twitch channel and Twitter handles to interact with the other players. Also, his Instagram is quite popular amongst the youngsters. With millions of followers on each platform, the player has a huge audience and a high amount of views on videos. 


ImperialHal Bio

Phillip Dosen known as ImperialHal in the gaming world was born in the year 1999 in an Us based family. Initially, Phillip spent his early years in Florida where he was born. From the start itself, he showed a lot of interest in video gaming. However, officially joined gaming in 2018 as a part of a team called cloud9’s H1Z1. During his time on this team, he managed to play Fortnite and pay attention to the details. 

His game opinion changed after spending one year as a Fortnite player. In 2019, with the release of the apex legends game, he found his new and stronger interest game. However, within days he changed his major interest to apex legend and made it a full-time profession. In March, he was asked to be a new team TM as the inaugural of teams on apex. 

Apart from making apex his mainstream game, he finds time to play and try new games as well. Right now, he is playing as a part of the apex legend team and streams on his twitch channel. 

Imperialhal Gaming Career

In the initial stage of his gaming career, imperialHal was involved in Fortnite and its different versions. However, from 2019 onwards, he is involved in apex legend as a mainstream game. He runs a twitch channel on which he streams live gaming sessions as a team or even individually. 

The imperialhal uses his twitch and Twitter account to interact with his fans. He is counted amongst the top 10 streamers on twitch. He manages an officially verified account with more than 5 million followers and viewers on all his videos. Not only twitch, he is quite famous on Instagram. Currently, he accounts for more than 47 million followers on his official Instagram handle. As a part of the TM team, his Instagram username also goes as @tsm_imperialHal. He is also very active on Twitter where he has millions of followers as well. However, mostly apart from playing, he devotes his time to streaming the game on his twitch channel with millions of regular viewers. The exact schedule of streaming is still not available, as he streams according to availability. 

Net Worth Of Imperialhal

The net worth of ImperialHal is not clear for the sources as well. However, the experts have analysed his gaming and streaming schedule to conclude. The net worth of imperialHal lies between 1 to 5 million dollars. 

Imperialhal Apex Settings

Below are all the settings kept in place by imperialHal while streaming and playing apex games online. 

Video settings

Video settings made by imperialHal to provide uninterrupted and clear video sessions are

  • Resolution- 1440×1080
  • Aspect ratio- 5:4 or 4:3
  • Display mode- fullscreen display
  • Colour-blind mode- off
  • Vysnc- off
  • Field of view- 110
  • Adaptive resolution FPS target-0
  • Shadows coverage- low
  • Shadow details- low
  • Texture streaming budget- none
  • Lighting (volumetric) – disabled
  • Model detail- high
  • Ragdolls- low
  • Impact marks- off
  • Effects detail – low
  • Texture filter- bilinear
  • Spot shadow detail- off
  • Dynamic spot shadows- off

These settings help in the efficient display of video while streaming. 

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Keybinds of ImperialHal

A few shortcuts to remember and others resemble the general layout in the keybinds made by imperialHal while streaming and playing. These are

  • Jump- space bar
  • Crouch hold- left-Hand ctrl
  • Crouch toggle- C
  • Sprint- left-hand shift
  • Inventory- tab key or I key
  • Ultimate ability- Y
  • Tactical ability-Q
  • Shield toggle- H
  • Reload-R
  • Health item- 4
  • Equip weapon 1-1
  • Equip weapon 2-2
  • Inspect weapon-N
  • Melee-V
  • Aim- hold on right click mouse
  • Fire mode-B
  • Equip grenade-G
  • Interact-F


ImperialHal uses few shortcuts and specific settings while playing apex legend. The player is counted amongst the top twitch streamers and hence, followed by many gamers. He has gained many followers on different platforms in a very short time.

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