Faze Sway settings

Faze Sway Fortnite Settings, Video Settings and Keybinds

A well-known name amongst the top Fortnite players on online platforms is sway. Currently playing for the Faze clan Sway is a Fortnite player popular amongst the various groups and channels for Fortnite players. 

This professional Fortnite player is popular for his gaming talent exhibited to the world via his Twitter handle and YouTube channels while playing the Battle Royale version of Fortnite. Along with this, the player has accomplished a strong foot in YouTube Vlogging making him a star for gamers and viewers. Check out faze sway fortnite settings in this article.



Born in 2003, Josue Sway is now a well known professional gamer. Coming from a stable family based in the United States, Josue has played Fortnite on many different levels and as a part of different teams. After a while, Josue was given the name FaZe Sway by his fans. Currently playing as the youngest and the most loved member of the FaZe clan, this player has crossed many hurdles in his gaming career. 

Starting at an early age, FaZe Sway was a part of a group chronic team where he played and streamed Fortnite with fellow players. However, after devoting all his time to professional gaming, he found it appropriate to switch to the FaZe clan which he joined in the year 2019. 

Gaming Career

Starting at a very young age, Sway always showed interest in online gaming. However, with knowledge of different games, he chose to stick with Fortnite and excelled in Fortnite Battle Royale. In 2019, when he switched to FaZe clan from his previous team, he was welcomed by the team as well as the fans. With joining the new team, his YouTube following experienced a better growth rate. Till now, FaZe Sway has not started his twitch channel and hence, the fans are waiting for him to use twitch as well for his live streaming. 

After 2 years of joining the Faze clan his Twitter, Instagram and YouTube following was leaning towards an exponentially growing graph. In 2021, at the small age of 18 years, he managed to build more than 3.90 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. However, the data was very impressive for Instagram with around 3 million followers and Twitter account with over 1 million followers towards the end of the year. 

With this amount of followers and fans, he was well appreciated for his game and talent. Sway started his YouTube channel by posting a video of the call of duty game. However, in the beginning, the videos did not get many likes, yet after a while the video became popular and so did he. 

The Net Worth Of Faze Sway

With millions of views and likes on his YouTube videos, FaZe sway has established a strong network on YouTube. This channel pays him a good amount of money. Along with this, his income is highly contributed by money received as a charge of advertisements. These advertisements are a part of his video in return for which he asks for a good amount from the owners. 

Accumulating all his legal funds, the net worth of this professional Fortnite player is around 5 million dollars. As per the data for the year 2022. In addition to the advertisement money, the money generated as scholarships and brand endorsements makes a huge part of his net worth. However, the annual income of this player goes beyond 400 thousand dollars every year. 

Faze Sway Fortnite Settings

faze sway fortnite settings including the video settings, controller settings, etc made by Faze sway while Fortnite gaming is mentioned below. 

Video settings

Check out all the faze sway fortnite settings for the video below. Source

  • Resolution- 1798×1080
  • Frame rate limit- 360FPS
  • Screen mode- fullscreen
  • Colour-blind mode and strength- Tritnope and 10
  • Brightness- 100%
  • View distance- Epic
  • Shadows-off
  • User interface contrast- x1
  • 3d resolution-1920×1080 Or 100%
  • Texture- low
  • Motion blur- off
  • Effects- low
  • Vsync- off
  • Post-processing- low
  • HUD scale- 0.60
  • Anti-aliasing- off
  • Show FPS- on
  • DirectX version-11
  • Allow multi threaded rendering- on
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Build controls 

Build controls and associated settings made by Faze sway while playing the online game Fortnite including following arrangements. 

  • Wall- R2
  • Floor-R1
  • Stair- L2
  • Building reset- L1
  • Changing material or trap- left-click on the pad
  • Inventory- down the side of the pad
  • Replay- downslide on the pad
  • Relay for previous Emote- right on the pad
  • Toggle pickaxe- L3
  • Mode switch-0
  • Jump-X
  • Game menu- option menu
  • Map- touchpad
  • Rotation Or repair or crouch- R3


All these faze sway fortnite settings help him to play clearly and efficiently. If you also wish to play like him, you can also configure your game settings like faze sway fortnite settings.

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